Acoustic piano meets chiptunes. aivi & surasshu collaborate to create a fascinating 10-track album. By fusing their love of video game and mixing different styles, they formed a musical voyage together.

The Black Box is nothing but an inspirational album, starting from the interesting cover with a combination of Belgian, American, and Japanese art illustrated by comic artist Diana Jakobsson to the bizarre mix of classical, jazz, and chiptunes.

Here’s How is one of the best tracks in this album. It begins with a slow melodic tempo that gently shifts into a fast paced tempo. Gladly, it has maintained its jazzy atmosphere from the start to the end, which makes it consistently amazing.

38 is the shortest track in this album, yet I can guarantee that this 56-second track can make you realize that aivi & surasshu can certainly transport you into a whimsical dimension.

If you are looking for an upbeat and more ecstatic tune, Distance (Bicycle Trip) is the right track for you. Electronic mix and piano harmony are oddly mixed to create such stunning masterpiece.

Let this album guide you into the depths of tingling and enthralling music. If seek for something distinctive in the world of chiptunes, The Black Box comes at a heavy recommendation.

Track List:
1. Nucleus
2. Shapeshifter
3. Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)
4. Diamond Dove
5. Here’s How!
6. Mika
7. 38
8. Distance (Bicycle Trip)
9. Pocket Universe
10. Exosphere
11. Mabe Village (Bonus Track)

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