(George Strait, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash)

Sean Wright: BROKEN

Indie folk tracks from the crusader of free, legal music. Sean Wright is what you would call a constant advocate of the free music parade. The talented singer/songwriter and record producer has been a staple presence in the free music scene. Since 2007, he's been releasing one album a month and so far, he's still going strong. Almost his entire discography can be downloaded for free on sites like Jamendo. He has remained a constant presence on the online music scene and was also hailed by NME as a leading DIY artist.

Mandate of Heaven – The Next Valley Over

Folk indie psychedelic act that mandates YOU listen. Central New York has certainly contributed their fair share of impressive musicians; yet, another band to add to this already long list is Mandate of Heaven. Essentially, the band was founded by Greg Pier, of which, he also serves as lead songwriter and singer. Pier is a multi-instrumentalist that plays almost all instruments in the group's recordings. Their music is a mix of indie folk pop with a touch of psychedelia. The Next Valley Over lumps together 11 acoustic driven melancholic sounds along with Pier's soft gruff vocals.

The Destroyed Room “The First Six Months” – energetic punk rock beats

The Destroyed Room was conceived after Sergi (vocalist) simply got tired of letting everybody else create music and wanted to be able to records songs in his room. The band's songs range from complex, acoustic to typical, fast punk rock beats found usually in the garage punk scene. This album is full of fun tracks and slightly "emo-ish" vocals and lyrics.

Nobody’s Bizness: Ao Vivo Na Capela da MisericĂłrdia

If you are in the mood for some good old blues, Nobody's Bizness can help you in that department. Their music is characteristic of delta music that reminds plenty of blues lovers out there just how this music originally came about. Nobody's Bizness' Ao Vivo Na Capela da MisericĂłrdia is a compilation of acoustic blues that exudes with a touch of the rural country. It's a poignant attempt of the band to keep the Mississippi delta music alive and kicking.

Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers “Live Candy”

The neat thing about the net label Clinical Archives is that I never know quite what I am going to hear. After all, who would have thought that mixed in with all the avant-garde, electronica, and experimental music would be this very down-home country EP that reeks of dogwood, cicadas and Hank Williams. Live Candy gives us a very live and very authentic country honky-tonk experience that defines the terms “Alt-country” and “Americana”.

Multi Genre Compilation Vol. 6 brought to you by Unsigned Artist Radio Network

Too much in love with music? Seeking for something that’ll make your players and iPods sound unique, but cool? Looking for an album or compilation that will suit every music genre of your taste? Unsigned Artist Radio Network, under the license of Creative Commons, gives listeners this “Multi Genre Compilation.” This album is comprised of songs written and composed by artists promoted by This internet radio is very gracious enough to put together 11 songs that will surely make listeners thirst for more not only for the artists featured, but also for their other gifted talents.

Lisa Richards “Mad Mad Love” featured in FrostWire

Mad, Mad Love is the newest album by an acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisa Richards. It features some acoustic tracks and some full-band tracks, two covers and many more originals, her mesmerizing voice will surely captivate you. Listen to it when you're in love. Listen to it when you want to be in loved. Listen to it when you are loved. Listen to Mad, Mad Love and experience love in many different ways.

Macon Greyson “This Machine Kills Hypocrisy” EP

“The maturation process is always ongoing, but we as a band have finally grown up. We are not worried about where we fit anymore. We are what we are,” says Macon Greyson. Further affirming their identity as a band is the newest EP called "This Machine Kills Hypocrisy". The four-track album is a perfect mix of gritty rock and melodic country with no inhibitions and most importantly, no confusion. After nine years since its birth in a small bar in Dallas called Adair's, Macon Greyson has finally found the right balance between a 70's rock sound and a dollop of country dirt - true as ever to their Southern roots.