Want a simple and fast way to edit your images? Seashore is the way to go. Sure, Picasa might be available and even Photoshop but what's great about Seashore is that it is lightweight and gives you the very basics. No need to figure out which button is for which since it makes sure that everything is straightforward. It gives you what you need right there. Seashore provides all the essentials you need for basic image editing. It's even dubbed as the "Paint" version for Mac. It's definitely the software to have if what you need doesn't require heavy or specialized editing since the program provides plenty of features that anybody can make use of. The software is offered absolutely free and works great for any of your projects.


Want to play your Nintendo gameboy titles on your own computer? VisualBoyAdvance is the best gameboy simulator around. If you ever feel like playing Super Mario or Pokemon but don't want to buy a gameboy, then simply install VisualBoyAdvance and get to playing. This cool emulator is absolutely free and once you actually start playing, you'll pretty much forget that you're not back in 2001 and drooling over your new handheld toy, the Gameboy Advance.


Blender is the perfect all-in one 3D modelling software. Get all the bells and whistles of a commercial animation and modeling software for ZERO dollars. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, Blender is an open source software under the GNU Public License. It has become the first choice software for even professional animators and has spawned great animation films as well. Films like Big Buck Bunny and the upcoming film, Sintel, was created from this groundbreaking software.

Samandal Comics Magazine – taking comics to a whole new level

Samandal is a Lebanese, French and English comics slash magazine that caters to a variety of styles, themes and interests. It is also available in all three languages. Samandal magazine is released quarterly and the group that puts together the comics accepts contributions from almost artists and writers almost anywhere in the world. Moreover, the publication contains a creative commons license. Samandal Comics "aims to lift the stature of comics to that of mature art form capable of tackling more than superheroes and their baffling hairdos."

FrostWire 2010 T-Shirt Design under Creative Commons

After a long break in t-shirt availability, few weeks ago FrostWire has released a new t-shirt design. The t-shirts are currently available in the FrostWire store and come with 10 extra stickers and free worldwide shipping. But that's not the whole story! With the spirit of Creative Commons, the FrostWire team wants everybody to be able to share the image, print their own T-shirt or do whatever else they would like to do with it.

Twenty Two Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts – Free

This collection of free calligraphy fonts compiled by WebDesignDev from Fonts2U is a surefire hit for your computer. These artistic fonts can amp up your presentations, graphic designs, invitations, business cards, and many more; definitely a must-have collection for graphic designers and enthusiasts. Packed with traditional scripts to exquisite-looking calligraphic arts, these fonts can easily express your desired thoughts and messages just by their artistic strokes.

Louie Mantia Icons and Wallpapers – spice up your Windows or Mac desktops!

Tired of your desktop icons that you see each time you turn on your PC or Mac? Don't fret; Louie Mantia is here to save your day. From icons and wallpapers, Mantia really gets it going - and he gets it going really cool. Various designs inspired by Star Trek, Wall-E, Nightmare Before Christmas, Willy Wonka, Pokemon...and a whole lot more! You can even use them to add a bit of jazz to your iPhone. Oh, and the best part? Everything is for free.

Therefore Repent! – a best-selling graphic novel by Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam

"Therefore Repent!" is a best-selling graphic novel written by Jim Munroe and illustrated by Salgood Sam. It tells of a world post-Rapture, when the righteous have all gone to Heaven as predicted by the Christian Bible. All that's left is a society split between those who believe that they will also eventually ascend to heaven if they do enough good deeds (Splitters) and those who think that a Christian-less society is as good as any. The world slowly spirals into madness as dogs talk, machine gun-toting angels murder the sinful, and humans gain magical powers and forms.