This collection of free calligraphy fonts compiled by WebDesignDev from Fonts2U is a surefire hit for your computer. These artistic fonts can amp up your presentations, graphic designs, invitations, business cards, and many more; definitely a must-have collection for graphic designers and enthusiasts.

Packed with traditional scripts to exquisite-looking calligraphic arts, these fonts can easily express your desired thoughts and messages just by their artistic strokes.

Here’s a short list of all the hand-picked fonts in this collection, courtesy of & compiled by WebDesignDev:

  • Easy Street EPS – exquisite looking capital letters with simple small letters
  • Dirty English – very grudgy looking, yet formal; can be perfect for all those old/traditional looking graphic designs that you do
  • Comm Script TT – somewhat similar to Easy Street EPS, but less details and swirls with the capital letters
  • Beautiful ES – the perfect balance of swirls and formality in this beautiful script calligraphy
  • Cygnet Round – it looks just like the handwriting of a really careful lady, don’t you think?
  • Chopin Script – perhaps you recognize this one as the font used in the famous Chopin vodka; it tastes yummy, though.
  • Freebooter Script – must love this one; looks quite compact, not too strong, and yet not too formal
  • Champignon – this font is perhaps one of the most formal looking; would look great on invitations with its intricate capitals and smaller lower caps.
  • Mutlu – if you seriously love swirls and little flourishes all over your capitals and small letters, then this is for you
  • Motter Fem D – bold and strong; it reminds you of the Austin Power font, too.
  • Marcelle Script – a little grudge there and here, and this can be a great font for old parchments
  • Old Script – intricate capital letters which reminds you of the Renaissance period
  • Porcelain – also a nice piece of calligraphy, with some spaces in between the curves of the letters
  • Rechtman – a font which looks as if it has a shadow on the side
  • Quigley Wiggly – strong and attention-grabbing; perfect for those who love to make  a statement
  • Zothique Demo – if you can write like this, then I swear that your love letters would look even more romantic
  • Windsong – a personal favorite; this font is somewhat like a lady writing love letters to the writer of Zothique Demo
  • Amazone BT – a formal looking script which isn’t too bold
  • NK41c_D – strong capitals, but without too many flourishes
  • Quilline Script – another personal favorite; a feminine-looking script with just the right swirls
  • Dirty and Classic – for lovers of ink and old parchment papers, think about excessive ink  on the writer’s feather pen
  • Jellyka Castle’s Queen – I personally forgot where I saw this font, but it made me think of some evil stepmother when I saw it

You can download them one by one from WebDesignDev or by clicking on the links above.

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