Want a simple and fast way to edit your images? Seashore is the way to go. Sure, Picasa might be available and even Photoshop but what’s great about Seashore is that it is lightweight and gives you the very basics. No need to figure out which button is for which since it makes sure that everything is straightforward. It gives you what you need right there.

Seashore provides all the essentials you need for basic image editing. It’s even dubbed as the “Paint” version for Mac. It’s definitely the software to have if what you need doesn’t require heavy or specialized editing since the program provides plenty of features that anybody can make use of.

The program features a wonderful and simple interface. It looks a lot like Google Sketch Up with large buttons at the top portion that are easy to find. Unlike Photoshop or other programs, there aren’t too many tools to choose from. This actually works as an advantage for people who prefer to simply have one window to work with and prefers the clean/uncluttered look of an interface.

The layer palette for Seashore works much the same way as the other programs. It’s possible to add or delete various layers you’ve already done. Simply point to the left hand corner panel for the layers option. Another nice thing is that you get blending modes in here as well. The brush tools, however, are pretty standard and consists of what you might find in any image editor.

One thing is for sure though, the application is not meant for a professional designer or anybody that pretty much makes a living out of image editing. However, despite its simplicity, Seashore is a fun application to have. It provides everything that regular users might need minus the huge chunk of hard drive space and the confusing buttons.

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