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Zillow Real Estate Mobile App

The Zillow Real Estate mobile app has all the features anyone who wants to buy, sell, or rent a home in the US could want. Created by Zillow, it comes with a mortgage calculator, housing rental costs and values. It relies on GPS technology, so you will be able to use it as you drive around looking for property. It obtains real estate information from your location. To use, just tap Current Location and a map will pop up. Values will be shown, while color-coded arrows signify whether a property is for sale, been sold or available for rent. Zillow moves along with your travel so the data is relevant to your position. You can also type specific locations (city, neighborhood or a particular address).


Foursquare is an app that lets you record the places you’ve been to and share them with friends. Developed by Foursquare Labs, you will also get recommendations based on the places you and your friends have been to. The app is not just a basic travel companion. It’s a tool for finding promos and sales close by. For the budget traveler, this can be a real lifesaver. Foursquare’s interface is simple enough that new users will have no problems learning. Clear explanations are given as to why they point to a particular recommendation.


There are a lot of RSS feed clients, and it can be hard for an app to stand out. Feedreader fortunately has features that make it simple to follow news. It will notify you when articles come out. The interface is easy to work with too. You can change views with one mouse click. Feedreader has a useful search feature to find keywords. It also has folders that will organize news. The pop-up notifier ensures you are always on top of the news. As an RSS client, it works pretty well. The program uses a three pane to display news contents. All the news items are available for offline viewing. You can set up the program to remove old news.


Foodspotting is all about finding your favorite dishes or restaurants nearby. If you want to find out what your local restaurant is serving up, this app from Foodspotting Inc can help. The information comes from users who post images of their favorite foods. This setup is different from other apps in that you get first hand info from real users and restaurant goers.


iHeartRadio is more than an online radio. It is a free, complete digital service from Clear Channel Management Services. There are over 1500 stations to choose from. You can search stations by format, zip or state. One of its nicest features is you can build a custom station based on songs or artists. You can also review your “likes” and history, read song lyrics and get information about the songwriter. Your favorite stations can be shared, including the ones you make.

WorldMate Mobile App

Traveling is fun, but planning and organizing can be a hassle. WorldMate app is designed to make things easier for you. Developed by WorldMate Inc, it is available for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The app is pleasing to the eye, especially with iOS’ Retina Display. The application stores trip details locally, so you can view the files even with no Internet connection. In addition, there are other features that stand out, including the ability to provide flight alerts in real time.


Skyscanner is an app that lets you search flights from around the world. When you use the app, you’ll be able to locate the most affordable dates and flights around. After downloading and setting up the program, it will ask for your present location so it can locate the nearest flight. You can choose OK or “don’t allow”. Choose OK when you are ready to use the app. If you tap OK, you’ll be given information about the nearest airport. Skyscanner will also tell you where the flights in your area are located. The screen will also have information on what days a flight is returning or departing, where airports fly to and the closest airport. You can modify the search options to show only direct flights.


Are you worrying about having your privacy invaded everytime your friends take your phone into their hands or you mistakenly leave it unattended in a coffee shop? Sounds like you need a real stringent solution to safe-keep your data from prying eyes, and Vault might just be your answer. It is one of the most promising data locker app on the Google Play store. The app was created by NQ Mobile Inc., the developer that has churned out some of the most promising additions to the Android ecosystem. Coming from their stable, Vault is definitely a must have for the app drawer of your device.