SoundHound is a music recognition / music search engine app. Available for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android, it can identify songs you are playing, humming or singing. If that’s not enough, you can type or just mention the artist or song and it will work. These features set it apart from other music recognition apps.

Thanks to its ‘Sound2Sound’ technology, SoundHound can recognize a song quickly, even a poorly hummed tune. Not only does the app name the song or artist; you also get links to iTunes and YouTube. The lyrics are shown as well as ringtones. You can also get song recommendations as well.

LiveLyrics shows the lyrics in sync with the song being played. Double tap the lyrics and the song will jump to those lyrics. Songs in your iPod can be played on your iPhone. The lyrics are displayed automatically as soon as the song plays. Of all its features though, the speed is the most impressive. It’s uncanny how it responds in just a few seconds.

The app is frequently updated. The newest version features have Twitter and Facebook updates in real time. Just tap the name of your favorite artist or band and you’ll get the latest scoop. Other features include previews, optional auto-sharing and sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

SoundHound also comes with built-in information about artists and lyrics. Beautifully designed and free, it’s an app you can rely on for those times when that song’s title is just on the tip of your tongue.

SoundHound runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 3rd generation. Versions for Android and Windows Phone are also available. For best results, you need 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connections. The speed of your connection determines how quickly the app can respond to your song queries.

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