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Tango Video Calls

Tango Free Video Calls does exactly what it says: offer video calls and international text at no cost. This app from TangoMe works with tablets, smartphones and PCs. You can make voice calls between PCs, iOS and Android at no cost. The mobile app edition basically has the same features for the three phones. You get an account and thereís no need to set up a password. You can invite your buddies and call them, send text and email. If you are using the voice call feature, you can switch to video on the fly.


Gramps is one of the most popular genealogy software around, with good reasons. Itís free, and there are many advanced features that are comparable to those of paid genealogy apps. Simply put, the software is a great way to collectively store family history. The programís strength lies in its ability to let you enter numerous details about a personís life. Gramps allows you to record a personís relationship with regards to events, places and people. All the information you enter is searchable and always well arranged.


Without a doubt, Pinterest is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and iPad. It is also now on the Android and already managed to take in a large following. Basically a social photo sharing application set up pinboard-style, Pinterest allows a user to share what they like with others. You can also browse other peopleís boards. Of course you can also change the settings of the app, particularly your account, which is more than easy to set up. After going through the simple setup, tap some images and you can let the program choose those to follow. You can immediately browse the pins. You can pin your own stuff or re-pin those of others you like.


EULAlyzer by BrightSoft is a program that analyzes the contents of the EULA (end user license agreement). If you donít know what the EULA is, itís that long agreement that a software requires you to accept before proceeding with the installation. Most people just click yes without reading it. That is understandable because those EULAs are full of legal, unintelligible words. But thatís a mistake because you have no idea what you agree to. What EULAlyzer does is scan this long document. It will flag phrases, statements and words that are important.


GnuCash is a personal finance management program. A product of the GnuCash Project, it is ideal for small business accounting and personal finance. The software is easy to use, but youíll get the maximum benefit with a bit of financial management knowledge. The interface is simple but useful; it will be familiar to anyone whoís done online banking. The left side displays stocks, checking accounts, deposits and other holdings that you might have. Select one of those entries and various details will be shown.


Are you worrying about having your privacy invaded everytime your friends take your phone into their hands or you mistakenly leave it unattended in a coffee shop? Sounds like you need a real stringent solution to safe-keep your data from prying eyes, and Vault might just be your answer. It is one of the most promising data locker app on the Google Play store. The app was created by NQ Mobile Inc., the developer that has churned out some of the most promising additions to the Android ecosystem. Coming from their stable, Vault is definitely a must have for the app drawer of your device.

Family Tree Builder 6.0

MyHeritage is far more than a way to build your own family tree, it is also a social networking environment for all relatives as you research and expand your knowledge about your family history. Family Tree Builder (FTB), the official software from MyHeritage, lets you create great visual family tree with thousands of names, dates and locations. The FTB also searches MyHeritage database looking for family tree profiles that are possible matches among other users. If there appears to be a match in someone elseís tree it will inform you and give you the option to confirm and contact the new branch of the family. So get connected today.

Lightbox Photos

Love sharing those rare moments of yours with people or just prefer treasuring them by yourself. Whatever choice you make, Lightbox Photos will be your friend in the long-run. Lightbox Photos allows users to capture, enhance and share moments as they take place. So all you need is a camera phone, Lightbox, some sweet moments and Voila! you are good to go. Developed by Lightbox themselves, the app has been very well integrated with the various options it has to offer. More than that, users will love the fluidity and the professionalism incorporated deep within the app's ecosystem.