Are you worrying about having your privacy invaded everytime your friends take your phone into their hands or you mistakenly leave it unattended in a coffee shop? Sounds like you need a real stringent solution to safe-keep your data from prying eyes, and Vault might just be your answer. It is one of the most promising data locker app on the Google Play store.

The app was created by NQ Mobile Inc., the developer that has churned out some of the most promising additions to the Android ecosystem. Coming from their stable, Vault is definitely a must have for the app drawer of your device.

The user-interface of the app is very slick and clean, moreover it is dominated by the color blue and white making the app look very pleasant and tastefully carved. Also, first time users will not have any issues getting around the app due to the straightforward approach adopted by the developer.

The app supports SMS, Pics, Contacts and Video to be locked. Also, there are some really smart features that have been incorporated in the latest update 3.0, the most notable of them being a Monitor – which allows you to capture who is trying to see what is on your phone and photograph them in the act. This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) and a device with a front-facing camera.

Overall, if there is an app you are looking for security reasons, Vault might prove to be a smart choice.

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