MyHeritage is far more than a way to build your own family tree, it is also a social networking environment for all relatives as you research and expand your knowledge about your family history.

Family Tree Builder (FTB), the official software from MyHeritage, lets you create great visual family tree with thousands of names, dates and locations. The FTB also searches MyHeritage database looking for family tree profiles that are possible matches among other users. If there appears to be a match in someone else’s tree it will inform you and give you the option to confirm and contact the new branch of the family. So get connected today.

There are some really fun extra features on MyHeritage too – you can find which ancestor your facial features look like with the Look-a-Like Meter. Or you can play around and find out which celebrity you look like with Celebrity Morph. You can also make a collage of family member organized in graduating facial features.

With MyHeritage users are not just sticking names and dates on a tree but encouraging family members to get involved; sharing, uploading videos and pictures, and editing and adding to their own profile.

Someone unexpected in your extended family may know something about ‘grandma’s first marriage‘ or ‘cousin Tom who was last seen on a boat to Tasmania‘, that you don’t know. It’s kind of like a traditional family tree/research software backed up with the social networking features.

I love the idea of tracking down a family member and not just meeting them, but seeing videos made by their kids and getting updates about their lives.

It’s important to remember security when posting pictures and information about people, MyHeritage includes several security measures and it could also be considered a child-safe version of Facebook because you control the access.

Other reasons to download MyHeritage include maps which pinpoint where you family is around the world, help with languages and translations, forums and secure emails.

With currently over 60 million users MyHeritage is one of the largest social networking and genealogy sites in the world today. MyHeritage is also available on iPhone and Android, for more information, check out there blog.

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