Beat’em Up

Angry Monkey

The overwhelming success of Rovio's Angry Birds has just inspired developers to bring in something close to the franchise. There are numerous apps on iOS and Android that go all out and copy the Angry Birds game. So here it is, another feather to the cap and this one is called Angry Monkey, developed by Game Boss. Yes, the entire storyboard of the game revolves about an angry gorilla who is furious about his banana being taken away and he will stop at nothing to get it back. Deja Vu? No, its just that, in Angry Birds the Pigs rob the eggs of the birds, and in return the birds get angry.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Attention all FPS lovers. Its time to pick-up your weapons, choose your allies, and gear up for war. We are talking about the iconic FPS, Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Developed by Activision, the same developer who has churned out impressive titles such as Driver, Driver 3, Call Of Duty series, Crash Bandicoot series, just to name a few. Enemy Territory was supposed to be an expansion pack to the RTCW game series, but a problem owing to the single-player aspect led to Enemy Territory being released as a free and open-source standalone game on 29th May, 2003.

King of The Streets

(Warning: Game Contains Violence and Swearing) King of the Streets might seem like your typical versus fighting game, and indeed it is; but what's special about this one is that it's simply such good fun to play. Those who spent a good portion of their time playing Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or even Tekken will understand the satisfaction of beating an opponent to a pulp while showing off some serious fighting skills. The game was initially a downtime project for Field Magic and then it just evolved into a full pledged game. King of the Streets engages you in a streetside brawl in a reign for supremacy. Give the game a try.