Attention all FPS lovers. Its time to pick-up your weapons, choose your allies, and gear up for war. We are talking about the iconic FPS, Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Developed by Activision, the same developer who has churned out impressive titles such as Driver, Driver 3, Call Of Duty series, Crash Bandicoot series, just to name a few.

Enemy Territory was supposed to be an expansion pack to the RTCW game series, but a problem owing to the single-player aspect led to Enemy Territory being released as a free and open-source standalone game on 29th May, 2003.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, like many FPS games, is based on the online multi-player platform. Here, players interact with each other over a network, most commonly LAN-network and have the option of picking up two sides, Allies and Axis. Both the clans have a destroy or defend mission.

Environments are map dependent, with a choice of six officially released maps. What makes these maps really interesting is that all of them are based on real places and real incidents. There are also more than hundred custom ones available on the web made by various internet communities. A game-play video after the break.

A very Counter-Strike like game, with each clan getting a limited time for carrying out a certain task and completing objectives. Wolfenstein has four game modes to offer, namely Campaign Mode, Objective Mode, Stopwatch Mode and Last Man Standing.

Unlike many LAN FPS games, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has also five character classes to offer: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, and Covert Ops. These character classes have their own methods of defence, special skills, particular set of weapons and many more customizable options.

The game offers a heady-mix of action and is sure to get the strategy lovers roll-up their socks and get inside the action of World War II. The more mod-friendly players will also find a plethora of modifications avilable on the Internet for use with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. So all action lovers, its time for WAR!

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