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AE 3D Motor

AE 3D Motor is one of the coolest racing games for Windows Phone 7. Published by AE Mobile, it is one of those games that make good use of the accelerometer. Itís for casual play, but there is plenty here to keep you coming back for more. Players are on a motorcycle, racing past sidewalks, cars, trucks and other vehicles, all the while trying not to crash. Points are awarded when you zip past some vehicles. Bonus points are also available. You control the rider by tilting your phone.


Created by Lucky Games, Archer brings the excitement of archery into your Windows Phone. If you have never tried archery before, the sport probably doesnít seem much. Itís actually thrilling and Lucky Games has done a good job bringing it to life. The basic gameplay of course, has you shooting arrows with a bow. Itís quite challenging (and fun) to try and hit the targets. Your goal is to score as many points as possible under 20 seconds. If you hit the bullís eye, you will get extra time.

Noogra Nuts

Casual gaming fans on iOS & Android are for another treat, yet again. If the birds in Angry Birds were menacing, then the character in Noogra Nuts is amazingly cute. This game guarantees a fun-filled gameplay, only if it means to adore the cute animal. Noogra Nuts, the newest game by Oren Bengigi, and has raked in quite an impressive download figure till date. Comparing to the other apps by the developer, Noogra Nuts is a step away from the usual flow of the river and the output has paid off.

Stand O’Food 3

Social game lovers, we have something yet again for you and this time, it is being served on a well-garnished platter. Yes, it is Stand O'Food 3, the third installment of the franchisee. The most popular burger-serving game gets a much-awaited sequel. Created by G5 Entertainment, a top developer on the Android Market, this game is really fun and lives up to the standarts of the previous two parts in the series. G5 have developed some of the most entertaining games for Android & iOS, and this one is no exception.