Casual gaming fans on iOS & Android are for another treat. If the birds in Angry Birds were menacing, then the character in Noogra Nuts is amazingly cute. This game guarantees a fun-filled gameplay, only if it means to adore the cute animal.

Noogra Nuts, the newest game by Oren Bengigi, has raked in quite an impressive download numbers till date. Comparing to the other apps by the developer, Noogra Nuts is a step away from the usual flow of the river and the output has paid off.

Noogra Nuts is an arcade game, where the player controls a cute little squirrel with an extra-ordinary ability; he can crack nuts, using its head! During the course of gameplay, nuts will start to fall from the sky. Every nut that the squirrel head-butts will start cracking and garner points in return. Once you crack open a nut, you can eat it and get those extra brownie points.

The game offers three game modes to break the monotony and infuse greater levels of challenges for the player.
1) Classic mode – Players have 120 seconds to achieve the highest score.
2) Jungle mode – Players get 120 seconds to achieve the best score, avoid eating the rotten nuts and jump over the rolling rock, otherwise Game Over.
3) Survival mode – Unlimited time, but if you get hit three times, you die. Avoid the falling rocks and jump over the tumbleweed, try to survive and eat as many nuts as you can.

Overall, the quality of the game is good, and though it is not HD monster in the current gaming scenario, Noogra Nuts surely knows how to hold its own ground by being different and not another rip-off.

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