AE 3D Motor is one of the coolest racing games for Windows Phone 7. Published by AE Mobile, it is one of those games that make good use of the accelerometer. It’s for casual play, but there is plenty here to keep you coming back for more.

Players are on a motorcycle, racing past sidewalks, cars, trucks and other vehicles, all the while trying not to crash. Points are awarded when you zip past some vehicles. Bonus points are also available. You control the rider by tilting your phone.

If you want to go really fast, just click the screen. The game can be played from two views: behind and on top. Basically you try to race for as long as possible, weaving in and out of traffic and trying to avoid that semi. You score more points the longer you can play.

The settings are not complicated. The options include viewing the high scores, going to the developers’ website and changing game options. You can turn the sounds and setting vibrations on or off. Once you’ve made all the changes, you can start playing.

The game is quite easy at first, but it gets tougher. The other drivers will start to veer across the highway crazily, so you need to avoid them. AE 3D Motor has very responsive controls, and the graphics are nice too. The sounds are more than adequate.

Players race in three unique routes; at a suspension bridge, a desert track and Sunshine Beaches. The scenery is detailed, and it fits in perfectly with the setting. There are many motor games for Windows Phone 7, but AE 3D is definitely one of the best.

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