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Don’t Stop the Creeps

Don’t Stop the Creeps by Tigrido is reminiscent of classic retro titles, combining classic elements with some modern trimmings. If you’ve played old mobile games before, the look and feel of Don’t Stop the Creeps will be very familiar, and if not it will serve as a good introduction to the genre. It’s simple, easy to pick and play, great for casual gamers.

Snake 97

If you’ve been playing mobile phone games for a while, then you’ve no doubt heard or tried Snakes before. Now game developer DSD 164 has made Snake 97 available for the iPhone, Windows Phone and Android, and it’s every bit as fun and challenging as the original.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack isn’t the first trivia game to appear on the iOS and Android, but publisher Etermax made sure the game would stand out from the rest by incorporating unique elements. At the same time, there’s a familiar feel to it so the learning curve isn’t going to be difficult for casual gamers.

3D Boat Race

3D Boat Race is a free racing game from A Trillion Games, but it’s more than just an ordinary racer as you can customize your ride before racing in one hundred tracks. Not only are there numerous tracks, but there are multiple modes as well and you can challenge other players via the leaderboard as well.


Krashlander is one of the most challenging snowboarding games available today. Published by Farseer Games, the game is physics based, so you can’t jump around like you would in other games. This makes it very challenging but at the same time quite enjoyable.