A whimsical mix of tribal folk tale and futuristic effects, tungu. will fully immerse you to a visual world of dance and eccentric landscapes. Directed/animated by March Rühl and written by Georg Klein, the 9-minuter short tells the story of tungu, a tribe observed by scientists which lives peacefully outside the external world in the rainforest. These tribesmen are devoid of symbols and writing, they only communicate through simple dances.

A Life on Hold

There are those films that on some primal level touch straight into your heart, and A Life on Hold certainly fits this category. Directed by Nick Francis and Marc Silver, the film tells the life of Omar, a 17-year old Somalian who’s stranded in a refugee camp since the 2011 war in Libya. When the war broke out, thousands of citizens and refugees from Somalia, Sudan, and Eritrea who were staying or working at the country during that time were forced to leave their lives. In the camps, Omar and the other refugees are left with the hope that they would be relocated to a safer place.

Figure Father

What’s more beautiful to watch than real life captured on film? In Figure Father, director Andrew Michael Ellis (of the documentray collective Nomadique) showcase the life of 49-year old Pedro Sodo, an ex-convict who desires to get a job and be a father to his 21-year old son Tony. The film’s original goal was to shoot something that will reflect on the issue of job crisis. But Pedro’s story opened a wider narrative. The parallelism of his life to that of his son presents a genuine and extraordinary testimonial on how society hinders people like Pedro to have their own second chances.

Kony 2012

Since March 5, Kony 2012 got over 39 million views on YouTube only - the number that by the time you will be reading this post might as well have doubled already. The tweets are pouring in, Facebook group rose to millions, and people finally started to talk. The video might not be a traditional documentary per se but a loud call for action to stop Joseph Kony, an Ugandan querilla group leader - head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), and one of the most vicious criminals in the world with arrest warrant issued by International Criminal Court (ICC) itself all the way back in 2005.

To Shoot an Elephant

To Shoot an Elephant is a licensed documentary directed by Alberto Arce and Mohammad Rujailah about life on the Gaza Strip. This hard-hitting film has already gained international acknowledgement and awards such as the “Most Innovative Filmmaker” at Florence’s Festival dei Popoli. Despite the Israeli ban on foreign correspondents and humanitarian aid workers to cover and witness operation "Cast Lead" on the ground, there was a small group of international volunteers that managed to remain present in Gaza when the bombing started on December, 27th 2009. To Shoot an Elephant is therefore a collection of stories gathered by the only foreigners who decided and managed to stay embedded inside Gaza strip ambulances, with Palestinian civilians.

The Revolution Will Be Animated

The Revolution Will Be Animated is a twenty-minute documentary created by Marie Lormant Sebag that presents multiple viewpoints on the concept of copyright laws and free culture. It focuses on Nina Paley, the creator of the animated film Sita Sings the Blues which is available for free download. The film captures well-selected footages of Paley while talking about the copyright problems that she had encountered while creating the said film. These experiences lead to her new advocacy of allowing free content dissemination to the public domain.

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix, for the few of you who still didn't get a chance to see it, is a four-part eye-opening and conversation sparking documentary video series. Produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York based filmmaker, the series gives us a glimpse into the world of remixing - collecting material, combining and transforming it - as any new creation requires influence. Three of the four parts of the documentary have already been released (with the 3rd episode unveiled today!) and explore everything in music, from the Sugarhill Gang and Chic to Led Zeppelin, in Part 1: The Song Remains the Same, sampling and influences from earlier works in Hollywood hits such as Avatar, Star Wars, and Kill Bill in Part 2: Remix Inc. to Part 3: The Elements of Creativity. A definite 'must-see'!

Roskilde: The Experience 2008

Heard so much about Denmark's infamous music festival but simply too far away to witness it yourself? Now you can do this with Roskilde - The Experience 2008. These set of movies aim to bring the feel of the festival towards various audiences from across the globe.