Here's another animation treat for that much needed movie fix. Solus is a seven-minute film that tells the story of Carl, a man in his fifties who's trying to l... Read More


Harmony. Pain. Love. Cycle of Life. Haoma reaffirms ESMA artisans' gift for imaginative and highly creative filmmaking. Originally a 2008 ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) graduation project, this short film was directed by students Matthieu Deltour, Melissa Lafon, Elodie Legros and Yann Moalic. The music was composed by Martin Romberg and performed by the Orchestre National de Montpellier.


Liberate some love in Made Bed, a five-minuter short that combines voice and vision. Written and directed by Kevin Oestenstad, this litte piece of visual masterpiece conveys raw emotion about courage, life, and great men. Mainly using narration, the filmmakers takes us on a tour that savors on picturesque images and brilliant shots. Much is given credit to Kevin Oestenstad and Tony Swaney's acting prowess. The undeniable talent that they have showcased served as the backbone for such a polished film.

Jericho: On His Biggest Heartbreak

Written and directed by Liam Gavin, this award-winning film Jericho follows the journey of a man who was losing his own life as his wife just lost hers out of a medical condition. You may find yourself empathizing for this man as you feel the sadness in his silence. The brilliance of the acting and direction are projected as you look at his face–the age, loneliness, and desperation.

Pizza Verdi

Experience a tense game of cat and mouse in Pizza Verdi, a 7-minuter film written and directed by Gary Nadeau. The film had already received much much attention and award from festival circuits including the Salento Fibus Terrae International Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, and BiosAgenda Online Film Competition. The film opens to a seemingly normal pizza delivery when the main character hears an angelic voice coming from the posh apartment. Upon discovering where the moving voice is coming from, a twist of power play opens up where the audience's first speculation about the characters' are dramtically changed.

John and Joe

A sure heart-melter, John and Joe shows an emotionally moving story of a father... told in a unique way. This short animation is based on the real recollection of John Vigiano Sr., a retired New York City firefighter who loses both of his sons in the September 11 attack at the World Trade Center. It was directed by The Rauch Brothers and was produced by Lizzie Jacobs and Mike Rauch.

The Secret Number

Hop on an intense, psychic experience with The Secret Number directed by Colin Levy. Based on the short story The Secret Number by Igor Teper, this psychological sci-fi drama has already made a splash on the festival circuit and garnered numerous awards such as the Best Student Film (Savannah Film Festival), Langan Student Cinematography Award, City of Savannah Award, Jury Award for Best Short Film (Charleston International Film Festival), and an Official Selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Inner Steppe

Treat your eyes with another stellar short film by Alex Schulz. Inner Steppe is a stop-motion animation based on the work of Herman Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung. Just like the character of Harry Haller in Hesse's Steppenwolf, the film revolves around an isolated main character who traverses the inner landscapes of his ego consciousness and collective unconsciousness. Through this process, he meets different characters that impersonates his repressed needs and pleasures in life.

Child Bride (1938)

Child Bride is a 1938 full feature movie with a message; something that might appear quite disturbing now, yet was more than relevant in the rural communities of its time. As one of the more hard-hitting movies it explores the practice of older men marrying teen and pre-teen girls. Produced by Raymond L. Friedgen and directed by Harry Revier, the film is very nicely crafted, with Revier touching on the subject matter in an excellent manner.