Here’s another animation treat for that much needed movie fix. Solus is a seven-minute film that tells the story of Carl, a man in his fifties who’s trying to lead a normal life in an curiously unusual set-up with his friend Eddy. One day, he finds a young boy (Sam) unconscious and brings him home. As Sam questions Carl’s way of life, the latter will understand that their meeting is not due to chance.

The film’s strong narrative conjures up a world of mystery, loneliness, and suspense. It’s a pleasant diversion from child-like themes as it discusses a psychological and emotional topic in a simple and precise manner. Scene after scene, the story builds mystery and tempts the audience to figure out the whole puzzle.

Textures, painting, and color was also an essential part of the short. The visual dazzle pouring on each frame firmly hooks the audience. Real-looking characters and objects also help the viewer to connect to the story.

For just several minutes, Solus will enthrall us with a rich and aesthetically lovely masterpiece. So download, press play, and let this film be a pleasant diversion from that busy day.

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