Whether it’s a coffee break or a quick nap, cancel whatever you’re doing and watch the adrenaline-filled, blood-pumping Extranjero. Shot in just over two days, Extranjero is the first ever winner of the Sundance London Film and Music Festival. It tells the story of refugee running from his past as well as the confusion in his own mind. It’s directed by former flat mates Daniel Lumb and Crinan Campbell better known as The Queen.


Based on the 2007 graphic novel PSICONAUTAS, Birdboy by Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vásquez offers a dark fairytale on love and suffering. With positive reviews after its release, the 13-minute animation has already garnered awards and recognition such as being pre-selected for the 84th Academy Awards. The short film tells the story of transformation of a beautiful island to a graveyard due to an industrial accident. Birdboy, an outcast of society, tries to escape the god-forsaken place with his fantasies of flying with the one he loves.

The Streets of the Invisibles

The famous street drama of the 70’s is back in today’s most helpful tool, Google Street View. Directed by Remo Rauscher and produced by the University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg Campus, Austria, The Streets of the Invisibles is a web-2.0 animated short exclusively using Google imagery. It has aready gained a lot of buzz in festivals and award giving bodies across the globe. The film revives the TV series The Streets of San Francisco as Mike Stone (Karl Maden) and Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) are back once again on today’s street to catch a homicidal maniac who should have been incarcerated thirty years ago.

The Cull

Soundtracked with the echoes of the wind in a small farm at the Peak District, The Cull is a powerful short film that delves on the deep conflict between father and son. This brilliant piece was directed by Jonathan Harris and written by Andrew Walker. It stars Steve Evets, Jennifer Hennessey and Jonathan Mason. Since its release last June 2010, the film has been nominated for Best British Short Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and awarded the festival's Trailblazer Award for Achievement in Direction.

The Truth About Stanley

Our tear buckets are full while watching The Truth About Stanley. Directed by the award-winning Lucy Tcherniak, this short film was premiered last April 2 at the Rich Mix Cinema, Shoreditch and was released to the World Wide Web on April 4. The short tells the story of a unique friendship between an old homeless man from Congo and a runaway boy. While living on the streets, the two try to cope up with their own personal baggage. The old man makes up with his vivid imagination and unending stories, while the boy patiently listens and waits for his time to reveal his own baggage.

FRED et marie

Made initially for Belgium, FRED et marie now expands to a wider audience — the world wide web. This thought - provoking short attempts to shows the real deal in marriages controlled by psychological violence. It's created by Marine Vincent and Pierre Jadot. It's also directed by TheDeck & Lenitch under LOVO Films as well as BONJOUR Inc. The story revolves around Marie, a young woman who is trapped within a controlling and abusive relationship with her appalling husband.

Moving Takahashi

Cuddle up with a loved one while watching Moving Takahashi, a pleasant addition to the "bad boy" romance genre. This Kickstarter-funded short film was directed by Josh Soskin, an LA-based writer/director. It stars the model-turned-actor Boyd Holdbrook and the innocent-looking Kristin Malco. The film talks about a young hustler/mover (Holdbrook) who stumbles upon a suicidal daughter (Malco) while moving furniture out of a posh LA home. The mover's original plan of robbery changed in a rare fit of conscience to help the dying girl.

Successful Alcoholics

After its round on the film festival circuit, Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Successful Alcoholics is ready to take over the world wide web. This short comedy have made a lot of buzz since its premiere on the Sundance Film Festival last 2010. It features rising stars T.J. Miller (Get Him to the Greek) and Lizzy Caplan (True Blood and New Girl) as they play a co-dependent couple who clings to their high-paying jobs while undergoing severe alcoholism.