The Notorious Newman Brothers

Sometimes it's the no-budget films that are more funny and striking compared to the blockbusters that Hollywood has to offer. The Notorious Newman Brothers is one of these films. It's a dark comedy/mocumentary that departs from typical mobster films. The film was created by Substance Production, the same group behind the "anti-romantic comedy," Confusions of an Unmarried Couple. It follows the story of an aspiring filmmaker named Max, who ends up working with two 'mobsters' as the subject of his documentary.

Bicentennial Curious

Bicentennial Curious is a third in line short, from director Jared Varava, following the releases of The Fourth and The Shadow Effect. But Bicentennial Curious differs from the previous creations in that it is not only a short but a masterfully written and directed mockumentary about a - porn industry. The movie centers around Mick Jones (played by Jon Gries - Napoleon Dynamite and Real Genius), a leader of an adult film company who is romanticizing his 'art' through creating, what in his mind is, a 'socially relevant' soft-core pornography - "The fact of a matter is that I don't make movies about wizards and magical forces, I make real films, real films about real tangible things (...) like love, religion, the national deficit."