Sophia Wells: Above the Fire

Sophia Wells‘ first venture is more of like an image of a song being sung in the middle of the autumn. Above the Fire is a five-track album made for those who love to listen to this combination of country and folk. The singer’s soulful, earthy with a pinch of rock vocals is combined with the beats of drums, and the strums of a guitar and a bass.

Melissa Murphy: Youth EP

Melissa Murphy’s singing can be anything but lackluster and tedious. With her versatile and powerful voice, she can reach the highest notes of a ballad and spice up a contemporary song. Having admitted that she has been an avid writer since early age, her passion is to share what she writes through her songs. Being a singer songwriter, indubitably, all of her songs are very intimate and close to her heart.

Me and the City: Live Laugh Love

Lightning-quick sledgehammer banjo stylings and flame-throwing guitar mayhem form the backdrop of Live Laugh Love. Me and the City is an indie folk group that started as a one man project and eventually grown into four members. Band influences range from The Decemberist, Young the Giant, Rolling Stones, Adele, Mumford & Sons, and Dave Matthews Band.

Austin Bucholtz: Fairytale Shadowland

Sincerity is clearly rooted in Fairytale Shadowland, the brain child of Austin Bucholtz and Michael Koch. The EP is composed of three heart-piercing tracks that wonders along pop and soft rock. Raised in Saint Joseph, Michigan, Bucholtz is a truly talented artist inspired by musicians like Adele, P!nk, Natasha Bedingfield, KT Tunstall and more. He's currently settled in Charleston, South Carolina where he shares his own brand of amazing musical creations.

Dominique: The First

If you need some relaxing music for one of those lazy days, you'll enjoy having Dominique in your player. This mini-EP might be a bit short but it showcases enough to show you the artists' jazzy style and gorgeous talent. Despite being fairly new and young, Dominique has managed to release several singles and compilations in this year alone. On her BandCamp page, she's released two EPs and one single. She has The First and Stay Informed as well as the single, The Shadows.