K-9 Mail

It is very well known that although Android comes with few limitations, it can still be a very powerful mobile OS with the help of third-party open-source apps... and K9 Mail brings that power to life. Developed by K-9 Dog Walkers, this app can be the best friend for anyone with multiple mail accounts and is in desperate need of an email manager.

Bomberman vs Zombies

Another game to satisfy the gaming hunger of Blackberry users. Bomberman Vs Zombie is quite a fancy name for a Blackberry device, but it really is interesting and amazing in its own right! Bomberman Vs Zombies was developed by Contlex Labs LLP and they have really done a great job to say the least. The developer has created a number of titles for the Blackberry and Android devices and it comes as no surprise why they are popular among its users.

Life360 Family Locator

Always yearned for an app that could help you keep a track of your loved ones who do not have an access to a smartphone? Well, your prayers have just been answered with the Life360 Family Locator app for Android and iOS. This app very conveniently helps users to keep track on the location of their family members around the world giving periodic information about safety points and threats nearby, SOS alert. Functionality at its best is the mantra of this particular app. Created by Life360, this developer has a forte in developing family oriented app and looking at the download numbers, the app seems to be on a high-priority list for many. F

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

Baseball has always been a loved sport for many, but when it comes to mobile devices, than the fun factor goes to the next level. 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 is one of the best baseball games available on Android & iOS till date. This baseball treat has been created by Com2US, a developer that has earned quite a reputation for their class of games for both iOS & Android. It was their work, Homerun Battle 3D that really made all the difference in the gaming scene and have not disappointed us one bit with their current offering.

Barcode Scanner

If you are a geek and love fiddling around with the tech related stuff on Android, and HD games, fun apps, educational apps are not your cup of tea, then Barcode Scanner is the way to go without thinking twice. Created by ZXing Team, this developer might not have a lot under its belt, yet with the the download numbers for this app reaching high 250k you just might be for a real treat!

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

Fans of the orignal and subsequent Inotia titles are in for a treat with Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel. This part carries the legacy of the game forward and to a certain extent, does outdo the previous title. The game was developed by Com2Us, who already has quite an impressive feat of games in their portfolio. This developer makes games not only with great play-ability factor, but also integrates quality into the final product, with minimum bugs or lag.


Android is definitely the leading smartphone platform available at present. To make this platform the best, developers never fall short of creating the most innovative app, brining the entire productivity level of a basic Android handset to the next level. Equalizer is such an app and caters very well to the music inclined users. Brought to life by Smart Android Apps, LLC, this developer has made the utility category its forte and have churned out some very neat apps in the past, though the ratings and the download number certainly rides in the favor of Equalizer.

London 2012 Official Game

The London Olympics 2012 has just concluded, but the fever among the sport enthusiasts never will. After having various spin-offs of Olympics games available on different platforms, London 2012- Official Game is nothing on the same lines. It is different and actually serves up the Olympic games with panache and the way it is supposed to be. The game was developed by Neowiz Internet, a developer who has developed quite a few premium apps and their legacy can be seen in London 2012- Official Game.

PdaNet 3.02

Don't you just hate wandering off the Wi-Fi availability area with your Wi-Fi only tablet PC or a laptop? Well than say hello to PdaNet 3.02 for Android. This app enables users to tether their smartphone's active data connection with their devices. Developed by June Fabrics Tech, this is just one of the apps under their kitty, but does more than a commendable job by giving utility and accessibility a very serious thought.