Don’t you just hate wandering off the Wi-Fi availability area with your Wi-Fi only tablet PC or a laptop? Well than say hello to PdaNet 3.02 for Android. This app enables users to tether their smartphone’s active data connection with their devices.

Developed by June Fabrics Tech, this is just one of the apps under their kitty, but does more than a commendable job by giving utility and accessibility a very serious thought.

PdaNet 3.02 is really a must-have app for all those professionals who just need to have 24×7 connectivity. The app enables for tethering via USB or Bluetooth without the need of rooting the device. The best part of the app is the ability to add zero latency to the data connection, irrespective of a 3G or 4G network. This literally translates into much higher and uninterrupted browsing speeds.


PdaNet 3.02 is able to handle download speeds till 35Mbps over USB tethering. Its a well known fact that many carriers do not support data tethering and require users to fork out an additional sum for this service, but very intelligently in their new update of PdaNet 3.02 the developers allow users to hide Tether usage.

The app is a great travel companion for on-the-go professional, but USA and Canada users will feel a bit left out as the app locks secured websites after the trail period. So sites like PayPal, Banking websites, App Store etc cannot be accessed but other functionality remain open. Overall a big thumps-up to the developers and the number of installs are enough to speak for it.

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