Always yearned for an app that could help you keep a track of your loved ones who do not have an access to a smartphone? Well, your prayers have just been answered with the Life360 Family Locator app for Android and iOS. This app very conveniently helps users to keep track on the location of their family members around the world giving periodic information about safety points and threats nearby, SOS alert. Functionality at its best is the mantra of this particular app.

Created by Life360, this developer has a forte in developing family oriented apps and looking at the download numbers, the app seems to be on a high-priority list for many.

The app is top-notch without a doubt, being recommended by Fox News, The Huffington Post and ABC News. It is said to be the most powerful, accurate and battery efficient family locator available in its genre. The best selling point of this app and the crowning glory is definitely the regular phone compatibility. So, it does not matter if your family member does not posses a smartphone, you can still keep a track of their location 24×7, irrespective of their handset make.

The free version of the app features some very neat deal, such as, Family Location via GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell Triangulation family locator technology. Get help in an emergency with their panic alarm feature, under which the app sends a phone call, email and text message according to the current GPS coordinates to everyone on the contact list.

The app boasts of a private Life360 family network which works across all makes of phones, making this a truly global app for all users. Moreover, safety points are also displayed around the neighborhoods, which can include hospitals, fire departments, and police stations.

Overall, the app is one feature-filled development and has really proved itself time and again. The testimonials by some user and how handy Family Locator came during natural calamities is really astonishing. A must have for everyone who has families spread in different parts of the country.

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