Diners: Throw Me A Ten

It seems that lo-fi is the route that many bands have been taking. After all, indie recording isn’t that much of a foreign as it used to be with the many recording apps and equipment within the reach of anyone who dreams of having a band. Not to mention that there are many studios out there who welcome up and coming bands into their recording booths.
Mouse Powell These Are the Good Times

Mouse Powell: These Are The Good Times

Let the chill vibes roll with Mouse Powell's nine-track album titled These Are The Good Times. Teamed with Tempe-based producer The Ref, this album is an ode to the artist's passion for groovy hip-hop and pure awesomeness.

The Guru: Native Sun

Add flavor to your old playlist with The Guru‘s first musical offering Native Sun. Recorded at Cottage Studios in Middleburry, CT, the four-piece band serves us eight funky tracks for the indie kids.