Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck

My Bubba & Mi: Wild & You

Back with another lovely and sweet compilation, My Bubba & Mi just recently released a 5-track EP, Wild & You. Coated with beautiful folk melodies that the girls are known for, this mini-EP is filled with delightful cuts perfect for quiet and relaxing afternoons. The group is actually a trio, formed by three ladies who have a knack for creating some of the most gorgeous folk lullabies to serenade your ears. Their first full length album, How It's Done in Italy, was featured here in Frostclick a couple of months back. Their sound has gained a positive response from the listeners who have taken a liking to the band's self-dubbed "lullabies from the countryside."

My Bubba & Mi: How itís done in Italy

Probably one of the best folk record released for the year. The beautiful sound of My Bubba & Mi originate from three lovely ladies from Denmark. All three of them carry their instruments and create some of the loveliest, melodic, folk tracks you will ever hear. It might sound like an overstatement, but if you adore relaxing folk music, then this is a must have record. By coincidence or fate, My Bubba and Mia, became roommates in Copenhagen. They discovered each other's passion for music as they spent the many months together. Sharing laughters, singing and practicing. An invitation to head for Italy knocked on their doors; soon enough the girls found themselves heading home with a record on hand. Truly a wonderful album to listen to. It's hard to imagine why this is being offered for free but I'm not complaining. Awesome download right here.

Moon & Sun: The Wild Things

Moon & Sun is actually Swede songwriter and artist, Monica Tormell. Extending her artistic capabilities well into music; she manages to create a dreamy and relaxing folk pop album. The Wild Things is a short record that captures a feel good ambiance and folk pop sound. The artist sought to capture moody and lonesome atmospheres in every single place where she recorded the album. The result is a compilation that hops from one dreamworld to another. Filled with soothing and sometimes, haunting vocals; it creates a mild nostalgia that reminds listeners of full moon nights in the woods or by the seashore. Perfect background album if you feel like jumping from one dreamland to another at the comfort of your home.

Kismet: Hiatus

Indie poprock quintet, Kismet, has released their very first full-length album, Hiatus. This eclectic, endearing album is released under popular indie netlabel, Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck. With their post rock feel, great melancholic sound, emotional vocals and solid rhythms, it's hard not to like this band from the start. Kismet is definitely a talented Dutch band who's album deserves to be noted under your "must-listen" list.

The Walt – Something We Did Not Have

Solid indie pop rock band that incorporates shouty vocals with dancy rhythm. The Walt is the product of former band We vs. Death, Kismet and Dawn of Awakening. Something we did not have is their latest EP and a mixture of loud indie punk rock sound that gets anybody up and about. Something we did not have is the quartet's first EP after playing for 4 years together. Recorded under indie label, Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck, all 5 tracks are available for free download under a creative commons license. If you are into plenty of head bobbing and loud indie/punk rock, take a listen and enjoy.