Moon & Sun is actually Swede songwriter and artist, Monica Tormell. Extending her artistic capabilities well into music; she manages to create a dreamy and relaxing folk pop album. The Wild Things is a short record that captures a feel good ambiance and folk pop sound.

The artist sought to capture moody and lonesome atmospheres in every single  place where she recorded the album. The result is a compilation that hops from one dreamworld to another. Filled with soothing and sometimes, haunting vocals; it creates a mild nostalgia that reminds listeners of full moon nights in the woods or by the seashore. Perfect background album if you feel like jumping from one dreamland to another at the comfort of your home. The Wild Things opens with Bo, a tribute track to Swedish musician Bo Hansson. The cut is a reflective track that paints a picture of belongingness, despite being alone in the Swedish countryside staring up at the night sky. Hunt is a haunting track that reminds you of being alone in the middle of the woods at nighttime. With its rhythmic drumming, and stripped down style; it paints an image of the artist in a campfire with drums and dancers singing around it. Very mood inspiring track that’s worth checking out.

Perhaps my most favorite is the semi title-track, Where The Wild Things Are. It has a mellow and contemplative atmosphere accompanied with a chorus that sticks easily to any listener.

Moon  & Sun was co-produced by Staffan Björk. However, this isn’t the first time that the pair have shared ideas for music. In fact, they used to headline the shoegaze duo, Mustafa et Monique.

Released under Beep! Beep! Back Up The Track, The Wild Things is available for free download under a creative commons license. If you want to help out the artist, go ahead and purchase the album for an affordable price.

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