Black Sabbath

Hypatia Lake: Ouroboros

It's easy to spot which iconic rock band has inspired much of Hypatia Lake's' sound. From the magnificent dirty guitars, those shouty vocals and a dark, sinister vibe; Ouraboros channels quite a bit of Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in its tracks. Hailing from Seattle, Ouroboros is the fourth record from the crew. It's a concept album of sorts as the band has created unique tracks that revolve around the epic battles and excursion of protagonist, Rose Marie. Serving as a nice throwback to 70s rock and expansive concept records, the album flourishes and entices listeners to enter into its sonic landscape.

Can’t Stop The Daggers: ep one

Alternative indie rock band that brings to mind Radiohead only less weirder and poppier. Can't Stop the Daggers is a four piece group from Phoenix, Arizona. Their demo, EP one, contains four hypnotic indie alternative tracks filled with swelling synths and melodramatic drums. Capitalizing on their catchy and soothing sound, the group instantly captures their listeners attention. Can't Stop the Daggers is composed of guitarist Chris Chattom, Jon Partelow on vocals, Emily Schalick on bass and Lionel Luchessi on drums and percussion. Ep one is definitely a breakthrough Ep that contains great tracks suited for a quiet "me" time.

Johannes Hopfner “Soft Night” – acoustic indie folk pop with a twangy European flavor

Acoustic indie folk pop with a twangy European flavor. Johannes Hopfner brings back indie folk pop with great acoustic guitar work in his Soft Night album. Songwriter, composer, and accomplished guitar player; Hopfner has been playing his favorite folk songs ever since he was 15. Soft Night features beautiful guitar work and enthralling often chilling vocal quality from the artist. Although his odd enunciation might annoy some, it works perfectly with each track. Most songs are a nod to the 70s and makes you wish you were in a commune or park somewhere, playing lovely music with your six string.