This Public Life: The Banquet

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, This Public Life makes their way to the musical spotlight through their acoustic driven outfit. But do not get fooled by their south-eastern suburb origins because they offer tunes with the industry credibility of the alternative and underground culture. They are heavily influenced by bands like Interpol, Sleepy Jacksons, as well as Turin Breaks and The Doves so you can expect the same sentiments from This Public Life. The Banquet is a six track album from which they have conceived the cover art from a constellation reference.

Prosthetik Intelligentz x Gravity Movement: Sounds & Wonders EP

Shift your mind into fifth gear with Prosthetik Intelligentz and Gravity Movement's The Sounds & Wonders EP. Formed in Fayetteville, North California on April 2010, Prosthetik Intelligentz is an independent Hip-hop duo consisting of Bryson "B. Doom" Dumas and Ezra "Ezzie B". Baptiste. After meeting and realizing their passion for authentic music, the duo started to create the Man-Cave Music Mixtape series. The first instalment produced a lot of buzz on the underground music scene, while the second instalment showcased collaborations with Erik "Depakote" Lopez, an independent Garden Grove California producer.

Aidan Knight: Versicolour

Aidan Knight's music is like listening to a mash-up of Coldplay and Damien Rice. For a long while, the singer/songwriter has been contributing his skills to various bands, playing anything from bass to hardcore drums. For Versicolour though, he showcases a more laid-back acoustic indie folk side that is both soothing and melancholic. Accompanied with soft guitars and an equally emotional voice, the tracks are perfect for lazy afternoons, heartbreaks or just quiet moments where you feel like reminiscing about the many things in your life.

Mark.Nine: Bicycles

Containing a mix of flowy and sometimes gritty instrumental tracks, Bicycles is more of a metaphore for how these two wheeled contraptions allows us to travel and take us to places. Mark.Nine's sound is a lot like that. It's both soothing and disturbing (on occasion) compelling its listeners to seek what's beyond. There's a mix of uptempo rhythms, to ethereal sounding cuts; there are even slight dance tracks contained within some of the singles. Not much is available about the singer, even his Facebook info section only states that he's "a figment of your imagination." His sound is real though and it's quite worth taking a listen to.

Wordsmith: Prelude To The King

Practically a regular here in the Frostclick blog, Wordsmith returns with a brand new Mixtape, Prelude To the King. True to form, the album is a great display of smooth beats, catchy rhythm, as well as awesome mic skills from Word and crew. There's really no need to argue whether this mixtape is worth your time. Pretty much anything Wordsmith has released has always held the bar high enough to warrant a listen and eventually a download. Prelude To The King is no different of course, marching in with 15 tracks that bob and sway with beats worthy of welcoming any hip hop royalty.

The United93: The United93

The United93 is a rock band from the Korea. In a country where rock music is a minority and pretty much pop music reigns supreme, it's amazing and a real treat to find groups that rock out as much as these guys. Although it's a bit tough to find info about them, it does seem that they're quite popular in the Korean rock scene. They were named as Band of the Month in a prestigious music magazine in Korea. This self-titled EP was released back in 2010 and available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. The compilation is an uncharacteristic marriage of prog, punk and industrial elements.

Tap: Im Different

The Great Society Media Group is a company that serves as a "promotional vehicle for local record labels in NC." CEO & Founder, Tap (Terry Perry) makes his mark by showcasing his unique blend of sound by releasing this latest effort. Combining a variety of genres, Im Different is an interesting mix of sounds and beats. On one part it's classified as typical hip hop and r&b while on the other, you'll find electronic, acoustic and even jazz influences surrounding the record.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Tales Of A Dead Fish

Making their second appearance here in Frostclick, the gypsy folk, Barcelona band are back with a new record. The Freak Fandango Orchestra is an energetic and quirky bunch of musicians who like to play fun and unusual music. Their first record Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey was entertaining and came doused with beautiful instrument work and amusing lyrics. For their latest release, Tales of a Dead Fish, they retain their crazy upbeat sound, still incorporating humor, superb instrument work and a very catchy beat to every single one of their cuts.

The Revolution Will Be Animated

The Revolution Will Be Animated is a twenty-minute documentary created by Marie Lormant Sebag that presents multiple viewpoints on the concept of copyright laws and free culture. It focuses on Nina Paley, the creator of the animated film Sita Sings the Blues which is available for free download. The film captures well-selected footages of Paley while talking about the copyright problems that she had encountered while creating the said film. These experiences lead to her new advocacy of allowing free content dissemination to the public domain.