The Great Society Media Group is a company that serves as a “promotional vehicle for local record labels in NC.” CEO & Founder, Tap (Terry Perry) makes his mark by showcasing his unique blend of sound by releasing this latest effort.

Combining a variety of genres, Im Different is an interesting mix of sounds and beats. On one part it’s classified as typical hip hop and r&b while on the other, you’ll find electronic, acoustic and even jazz influences surrounding the record.

Tap is no newbie on the block. He’s a prolific producer and rapper who has contributed to tracks/albums from artists like Asher Roth, Juelz Santanas Ripstar, Chulo and Ya Favorite Lady to name a few.

Im Different is the latest offering from the artist following a series of compilation records and singles released since 2010. Featuring a general laid-back feel; the album is contemplative and moody in places but also includes lovely upbeat sounds every now and then. When you listen, you’ll get tracks like Keep Rising ft. Koury Thompson,  which is a beautiful mellow R&B single that combines gorgeous lyrics with soulful singing. Meanwhile, several standout tracks include Hair Down, Sublime ft. Deniro, Transition and the bonus cut, Tizzy Bossa Nova.

If you’re looking for some chill music that’s appropriate for winding down after a hectic day, this is a nice compilation to check out. Tap can easily create smooth tracks that’s perfect for relaxing. From electronica, a touch of rock, and R & B; the artist covers the bases and ensures that listeners have a good time while on the ride. Grab the download.

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