Immortal Beats: Sample Your Mind EP

This isn't just the latest compilation from Immortal Beats, it is a compilation that certainly deserves a listen. Sample Your Mind is a 14-track record that combines easy-listening R&B with some smooth vocal samples. Released back in 2010, the album is perfect for those comfy and relaxing nights where you just want to sit back, drink a glass of bubbly with your partner and enjoy the evening. Released back in 2010, the album is perfect for those comfy and relaxing nights where you just want to sit back, drink a glass of bubbly with your partner and enjoy the evening. Immortal Beats is a German producer that definitely knows his way around smooth and ready-to-mingle beats. He has released 5 records so far and each one of them merits a listen. However, if you want something to get you started, Sample Your Mind is a good place to start.

The Fumes: Unhandled Exception

Remember Blues Clues and that striped sweater wearing guy named, Steve? Well, this isn't him (although he's actually a musician too) but I imagine, The Fumes, could have easily played the part of the guitar wielding Steve in the show. One listen to Unhandled Exception and you'll probably see/hear it too. This guy churns out acoustic folk pop cuts that immediately made me picture children sitting around on a park with the singer at the center and singing along to his music. Now, this can either be good or bad depending on your taste, but personally some songs in this acoustic folk pop record are worth a listen.

Stub Horn: Pure Sappiness

An interesting alternative grunge rock band, Stub Horn releases their first foray into the music business with Pure Sappiness. Contrary to their album title, the group isn't exactly sappy about their music. They incorporate a blend of punk, alternative and a slight tinge of indie, to create their own music. Switching between loud rock to a mid-tempo sound, the group manages to showcase their love for a louder type of sound. Their album is offered as a free download on Jamendo and licensed under creative commons. Give it a try.

Hunt Club: Hunt Clubm LP

Hunt Club definitely knows how to put together an energy-filled rocking compilation. These boys have been around the block since 2005. So far they've released 5 compilations, each one bearing their resident indie post punk rock sound. Even though it's already 3 years old, this Hunt Club LP still sounds fresh and filled with a raw energy that echo right off the stereo as you play it. Reflecting this postpunk vibe, growling vocals and loud instrument work; Hunt Club is worth hearing in action.

Karmafish: Life Support

A hodgepodge of rock, alternative, grunge, noise and progressive rock, Life Support is a pretty good album to check out. This is the latest release from a singer/songwriter and producer from England who dubs himself as, Karmafish. Although there's not much info on who this guy is, he sure has quite a number of albums under his belt. Life Support is his latest release following 4 previous records. All of which are available for free download on Jamendo and under a creative commons license. This careful menagerie of sounds and noise is perfect for any rock lover. The artists' skillful and creative take on various genres of rock is impressive at best and certainly warrants a listen.

Interface: The Morning Light Project

Interface is the second EP from Italian crew, The Morning Light Project. The album is a great mix of retro 80s synth rock that bring to mind artists like, The Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran. The band first formed back in 2008 and since then have churned out several releases through their Jamendo and BandCamp. Made up of Francesco Algeri, Angelo Cincotta and Augusto Ielo, the trio weave together a mix of danceable electronic ambient beats that became their ticket for gaining followers when they first started out. Their sound is charming and there's a lovely retro feel to it that makes you think of the good old heydays of 80s synth rock.

Zadkiel: The Saturn Return

Zadkiel is a three piece alternative indie rock band that hails from the UK. The group initially formed back in 2008. Together, they create an eclectic mix of alternative rock which incorporates beautiful vocals and instrument work. The Saturn Return is their third compilation and like their previous releases, it's a well-composed record. They admit to being heavily influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley, Nirvana and Radiohead, which is quite evident in the music they create. Nevertheless, the trio manages to express their own sound through the cracks. Each cut resounds with melodies, instruments and distortions that beautifully combine to create a wonderful sound.

Greg Gibbs: The Lights

If you're looking for a relaxing electro indie pop album, you might enjoy The Lights by Greg Gibbs. Compiling 20 great tracks in one record, the singer/songwriter is definitely on a roll with his third release. The singer is currently based in Chicago. He has released two previous albums, 2007's Raincoat and 2009's Hemoglobin, which you can both get for sale at iTunes. This third compilation, The Lights, is filled with beautiful electro pop tracks that would make a lovely background to a quiet, relaxing afternoon. Check out the download by hitting the link towards the left.