Uncle Tom’s Bungalow

An old time classic coming from Warner Bros, "Uncle Tom's Bungalow", can be only described as all fun and laughter - exactly what the Looney Tunes are famous for and doing best. With a run-time of 08:33, it is great to see how the environment manages to look convincing with just sketches. On top of that the cartoon features some really epic "characters", from a little kid with the meanest expressions to the sleeping hounds. These little personalities sport varied voice-tones and emotions that words simply cannot do justice.

Mormor (Grandma) – short film about a surprising vacation at grandma’s

Mormor means grandmother in Norwegian. This short film is about a renewed bond that was formed between a granddaughter (Pia) and her mormor one fine summer. Pias parents are too busy with their lives to take care of her when the schools on a break, so Pia takes a spontaneous vacation to her mormors home. Mormor is a widower, and so the young girl is such a delightful presence in her home. They have so much fun and so many adventures together. However, their adventures are cut short by those who do not get their idea of fun. Mormor is subsequently sent to the frightening retirement home, so Pia has to break in and enter the prison to save her mormor.

Consumerism! The Musical – short movie from Whitestone Motion Pictures

I imagined my singing and dancing in Consumerism! The Musical because it is a truly funny satire of my own shopping habits. Watching this film reminded me of what my friends often tell me, Youve got to learn to rein yourself in. And to that, I always answer: I will. This short musical film from Whitestone Motion Pictures has the tagline It's a Wonderful Life! It is inspired by the culture of excess among people who spend just because they can. The director, Brandon McCormick, explains that he drew the elements in this musical from his own choices and way of living, making the satire internal and easy to relate to. He does not intend to raise an advocacy though, or teach the world to live simply. He says, It's less about being preachy, more about projecting myself into a farcical world."