SkyView Free

Kids, teens, and grown-ups alike always wonder what really do the sparkling diamonds in the sky called Stars signify. Well, if you have been scratching your head and pondering over the same question, then it is time to take out your iOS device and try SkyView Free. This app will give your the power to explore the universe with visually appealing 3D graphics. Created by Terminal Eleven LLC, this developer has just Skyview Free under its belt, but it seems they want to become the master of the galatic app genre and not spoil it by venturing into other categories.

I am Dive: Constellations

I Am Dive is an indie acoustic folk duo made up of Esteban Ruiz and Jose A. Perez. Together they generate a sound that is equal parts melodic, hypnotic and overall, contemplative. Although I Am Dive is a fairly new project, the men behind it aren't exactly newcomers to the industry. Perez has been a guitar player for Blacanova for a long time while Ruiz also serves as the vocals for Renochild and also plays for The Baltic Sea. Together, they create gorgeous music that emanates a string of beautiful melodies, tight songwriting and a clear, polished quality that's perfectly enjoyable.