I Am Dive is an indie acoustic folk duo made up of Esteban Ruiz and Jose A. Perez. Together they generate a sound that is equal parts melodic, hypnotic and overall, contemplative.

Although I Am Dive is a fairly new project, the men behind it aren’t exactly newcomers to the industry. Perez has been a guitar player for Blacanova for a long time while Ruiz also serves as the vocals for Renochild and also plays for The Baltic Sea.

Together, they create gorgeous music that emanates a string of beautiful melodies, tight songwriting and a clear, polished quality that’s perfectly enjoyable.¬†

Even though there are only four ¬†tracks in this EP, listening to one track will help you understand why the band is worth checking out. Opening with the acoustic guitar infused, I Was Sad So I Was Dancing; the song is a gorgeous ode to a lost relationship. It’s a track filled with regret and silent musings. The vocals are really expressive and easily relays the song to the listeners.

The Morning Walk follows it up. This one is a moody piece that features sincere vocals and a quiet beat. Meanwhile, The Shoals, is one of those cuts you listen to in bleary eyed mornings where you just want to soak up your day from home or in solitude. Acoustic guitars coupled by semi-moody pop creates a great morning soundtrack.

Finally, the short EP is capped off by Grace Lamp Post. This track beautifully captures emotion and finished off a short but enjoyable compilation. The song showcases a prolonged bit of natural sounds; people talking; seagulls squawking and various little bits before transitioning to the sweet-voiced singer’s vocals as well as deftly played guitars.

Overall, Constellations is a must-listen EP. It’s worth grabbing especially if you want a great soundtrack to your lazy winter mornings. Grab the download over at BandCamp. This one’s available absolutely free.

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