Our Wild Love: Uneven Beats

With a flair for the dramatic, wonderful strange noises and massive drums, Our Wild Love‘s latest musical project, Uneven Beats, fleshes out raw fantasies creating a jungle of intensified sonic goodness.

Stray Dogg: Fires Never Wrong

Hang out by the pool and strut those tan lines while listening to Stray Dogg‘s Fire’s Never Wrong. This 2012 release from the band features nine tracks that jumps over fences of indie folk and Americana.

Sean Rodman: Trains of Thought

Recorded and produced by Sean Rodman, Trains of Thought is composed of band members Nick Fuss (electric guitar, harmonica), Kyra Soko (bass), Ian Bezubiak (drums), Michael Mloszewski (slide guitar), Brynne Herbison (violin), and Katrina Archer (cello). The EP was released on May 2013. The album is something of a roller coaster of musical styles, songwriting approaches, and emotions. But most notably, surpassing it all is the vocalist’s flabbergasting power to make us hang on every word.

Zachary Meyers: Flight EP

Zachary Meyers is a true Romeo who can sweep you off your feet by serenading you all through the night. A singer-songwriter, he hopes to inspire everyone with the radiance of his new EP entitled Flight.