With a flair for the dramatic, wonderful strange noises and massive drums, Our Wild Love‘s latest musical project, Uneven Beats, fleshes out raw fantasies creating a jungle of intensified sonic goodness.

Our Wild Love stems out from the ashes of Plain Jane Automobile and reinvents itself to a fresh modern sound. The Orlando-based band features the power trio of Duke Crider, Paul McCorkell, and Luis Mejia.

Packed with six melodic electro pop, the band traverses the sensual dark avenue. This is greatly evident in it’s first track, Low. Boasting with sporadic beats and strong vocals, this piece encapsulates Our Wild Love’s signature sound. One outstanding characteristic of the track is how it combines samples of trippy dance-electro tunes and transforms them into a mellow, slow-phased ensemble.

North South North follows with rhythmic loud beats and poetic lines that uses the outstanding beauty of the “city” as its muse. The well-polished vocals also contributes a lot to the beauty and fluidity of this radio-ready piece.

Money tops the list as one of the standout track in this album. Listen as clever writing, organs stabs and funky electro rhythm make a pristine ensemble of melodies that just sounds effortless and natural. The multi-layered beats in the bridge also adds texture to the song.


Finishing off the album is Sleepwalking, which boasts a slow but steady build up of instruments. The vocals, even at some of the highest note, does not fluctuate nor tremble. It’s really clear and fits well to the track’s rock musing.

Uneven Beats is a strong album to reintroduce an old-but-new group to the bursting music scene. Track after track, this album will surely result to a steady core following.

Track List:
1. Low
2. North South North
3. Money
4. Disappear
5. 16 Chords
6. Sleepwalking

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