Farmertan: Needed Would Be Nice

Making their second appearance here on the blog, Farmertan is back with their latest effort. It’s been some time between and they’ve been busy cooking up and releasing several records (about 9 compilations to be exact). This latest compilation, Needed Would Be Nice is a 9-track album released late last year.

Farmertan: Brace for the Decline

These Connecticut natives are at it again. This time around, Farmertan, has brought their latest recording in tow, Brace for the Decline. Some of their previous albums include the alternative indie rock compilation, The Extended Play and the acoustic infused, The Softer Side, just to name a few. This 8 track compilation sees the boys doing what they do best; creating indie alternative rock tracks that feature upbeat tempos and nice beats. This record, like most of their releases, are available for free download under a creative commons license. Farmertan is made up of Paul Daddario on Vocals/Guitar; Mike Fitzgerald on Guitar/Vocals; Matt Galvin on Bass Guitar and Jim Plouffe on Drums.

The Extended Play by Farmertan – a garage rock band bent in making their music heard

Maybe it's just me but it's hard to get over this band once you start listening to their songs. Farmertan is an indie rock band that composes tracks that makes itself so easily likable. If there's a special place for indie rock in your heart, it's hard not to find a place for this band somewhere in your heart. Farmertan hails from Connecticut and has been active in the band scene, touring and playing live since the 1990s. The Extended Play is one of the several EPs they've released since their inception.