Making their second appearance here on the blog, Farmertan is back with their latest effort. It’s been some time between and they’ve been busy cooking up and releasing several records (about 9 compilations to be exact). This latest compilation, Needed Would Be Nice is a 9-track album released late last year.

Like their previous records, the bands characteristic garage sound is displayed proudly throughout the compilation.  Punchy and dirty guitars with upbeat drumming and catchy hooks remain a staple; entertaining to listen to as always.

If you love the 90s alternative pop rock scene, you’d reckon Farmertan belonged in that category. Needed Would Be Nice opens with HemiCuda (yes, Nash Bridges’ car!) The track is simple but features all the hooks and instruments at the right spot. Again, if you hunger for a time when bands just plain rocked out and created catchy hooks, you’ll adore the track.

Other cuts worth checking out include Bank Rolled which has a slight Foo Fighters touch; there’s also Dressed to Kill and World War 6 as well as the final track, Let Them Sleep Tonight which is a tad slower compared to the others.

Farmertan may not be a household name but they’re definitely doing something right. They’ve been in the business for 20 years or so and there’s no signs of stopping yet. Their sound brings a nice nostalgia from a time when playing music mattered more than being popular. Take a listen. You might like this one too. You can also grab their previous album Brace for Decline here.

Track list:
1. HemiCuda
2. Tidal Wave
3. (not) The Midwest
4. Bank Rolled
5. Captains of Industry
6. English Summer
7. Dressed to Kill
8. World War 6
9. Let Them Sleep Tonight

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