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Maybe it’s just me but it’s hard to get over this band once you start listening to their songs. Farmertan is an indie rock band that composes tracks that makes itself so easily likable. If there’s a special place for indie rock in your heart, it’s hard not to find a place for this band somewhere in your heart.

Farmertan hails from Connecticut and has been active in the band scene, touring and playing live since the 1990s.  The Extended Play is one of the several EPs they’ve released since their inception.


Farmertan is composed of Paul Daddario: Vocals, Guitar; Mike Fitzgerald: Guitar, Vocals; Matt Galvin: Bass Guitar and Jim Plouffe: Drums. Released in November 2008, The Extended Play is  made up of 5 upbeat tracks that raises any indie rocker’s happy meter.

This short album opens up with Out the Windows which is a fun track to listen to, if not for the beat, its lyrics. It narrates of how easy it can be to get thrown “out the window” especially if you are a goody two shoes.  Drowning a Ghost is also another fan favorite for this album.

It’s hard not to notice the inspiration that the band found among indie rock greats like the Replacements, Husker Du and Pavement in this album. The band showcases no shame in letting their inspirations hang out, so to speak. Track after track is a great listen especially if you love simple, fun and engaging indie rock music.

Every time I listen to this album and the outro came, I always end up wishing that it was just a tad longer. If you find yourself in the same situation, you can find several other releases from Farmertan; all under a creative commons license.

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