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Through the years, Opera has managed to develop a solid following among Internet users because of its easy to use interface and practical features. With the latest version out, its users should increase even more. If you’re not happy with your current browser and want something new, give this a shot as it’s clean and fast.

UC Browser

If the default browser on your mobile doesn’t provide the features you need, then UC Browser could be what you’re looking for. Available on Windows Mobile, Android and the iOS, UC Browser is free, fast and loads webpages quickly. Plus, it’s got a lot of features that are both useful and practical.


OmniWeb is a powerful new browser specifically designed to accommodate Mac users. The browser contains plenty of neat features that are easy to use. In fact, some reviewers have even dubbed it as feeling "more Mac-like than Apple's Safari." The program is a lot like an enhanced version of Safari. It expands as well as exploits on the former's weaknesses like limited flexibility in security controls and managing bookmarks to name a few. You can go ahead and stay organized as well as stay in control of all your Internet needs with OmniWeb. Although there are a few quirks, the browser does offer quite a lot of convenience and ensures that users get the best experience possible.


Have you ever dreamed about using a browser that is fast, efficient and delivers your webpages in almost the blink of an eye? If you have, Lunascape could make your dreams a reality. Lunascape is considered the first triple engine browser, meaning, you have the features of the Windows IE, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome right under one setting. You can even include Apple's Safari on that list. It can help view any website without having to switch to another browser.