OmniWeb is a powerful new browser specifically designed to accommodate Mac users. The browser contains plenty of neat features that are easy to use. In fact, some reviewers have even dubbed it as feeling “more Mac-like than Apple’s Safari.”

The program is a lot like an enhanced version of Safari. It expands as well as exploits on the former’s weaknesses like limited flexibility in security controls and managing bookmarks to name a few.¬†You can go ahead and stay organized as well as stay in control of all your Internet needs with OmniWeb.

Although there are a few quirks, the browser does offer quite a lot of convenience and ensures that users get the best experience possible.

There are several key features that the browser boasts. For instance, it contains a much nicer interface than most browsers currently available for Mac. If you think that having plenty of eye candy while providing functionality is important, then OmniWeb would suit you. It gives users a visual tab, providing thumbnails of windows that they use. This little detail can help users easily know or identify what the page is. You can also switch the tabs around and organize them however you like.

Another awesome feature from this cool browser is that it allows you great freedom in deciding how a web page you are viewing can look like or behave. It also provides a very thorough Ad blocking option. It will also block flash etc. if you specify it to.

Overall, the browser is capable of providing users with a great looking interface, very user friendly systems as well as plenty of useful features that it’s hard not to fall for this one at all. Although this version is absolutely free, there is a new version that’s available if you want to fork over the dough.

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