Have you ever dreamed about using a browser that is fast, efficient and delivers your webpages in almost the blink of an eye? If you have, Lunascape could make your dreams a reality.

Lunascape is considered the first triple engine browser, meaning, you have the features of the Windows IE, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome right under one setting. You can even include Apple’s Safari on that list. It can help view any website without having to switch to another browser. Still not sure what Lunascape is about? Well, basically, if you’re a constant internet surfer you might have noticed how certain blogs or websites look different when opened from any particular browser. There are instances when one site might look awesome, say, when using Chrome but when you open it using IE, all you see is a garbled webpage. Instead of having to switch from one browser to the next, Lunascape makes three of the major engines available in just one page; making it just a simple click away.

It gives you the option to view the same site in different engines so you can easily compare which one is best and which one to go for. Moreover, the browser works great when it comes to IE and Mozilla plug-ins so you can easily download extra stuff if you want to personalize your browser’s look and feel.

Lunascape was created to solve the problem of having to switch from different browsers for work purposes or for the browsing needs of a user. Instead of having to close and open a new browser just to access a particular plug-in; two simple mouse clicks can get you there instead, efficiently saving time. As for its claim of being the “world’s fastest browser,” it seems to be living up to its promise. Providing instant results without any trouble at all.

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