Are you worried that websites are tracking you online? If you are you should take a look at Epic Privacy Browser, which as the name suggests, protects your privacy, and does a good job too. It doesn’t allow third party cookies, doesn’t have a history and keeps plugins away, and that’s only for starters.

Epic Privacy Browser was developed with Chromium, which was also used for Google Chrome, so if you’re familiar with Chrome you’ll have no trouble adjusting to the interface. All the basic functions you’d expect from browsers are here, but what really sets Epic Privacy Browser apart is the privacy settings: with just one click you can use Epic’s built in proxy to conceal your IP address.

Aside from the “Do Not Track” message, the browser also blocks Web analytics systems, social networks and ads so they can’t track you. The one-click option to make yourself anonymous works well and is easy to do, and it automatically erases all traces of your browsing activity when you shut down the program. There’s no history and even your searches are secured.

Since most of the privacy settings are turned on by default you can just focus on browsing, but if you want to hide your IP address and use the browser’s built-in proxy, click the icon on the address bar, and anyone tracking you will not find anything.

Even when you type something into the search engine, Epic Privacy Browser doesn’t attempt to figure out what that is and no referrer data is transmitted and sent to the browser’s proxy, so the search engine can’t use the info to track your IP.

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