free mac software


Love reading comic books online? If you do, Jomic is a must have software on your Macbook. Jomic is capable of reading comic books that are stored in the CBZ, CBR and PDF file formats. It turns your computer screen into an instant comic book, full of colorful imagery and of course, the important two page option. Reading comic books using your Macbook is made much easier and it doesn't rob from the excitement and interest that you normally get when holding comic books in your hand.


Got no plans of trading in your Macbook for a Kindle? Then you might want to get Tofu on your Mac to help you read your favorite e-books much easier. Tofu is a great application that helps you read a novel on your Mac as if you were reading an actual book. Most people hate the thought of reading a book on the computer screen; this little application helps to solve this problem. It helps make reading long reports, e-books or other long written material online so much easier.


Looking for an effective utility that can help you take a screenshot of a huge page? Getting Paparazzi! could be the right solution. This small utility, created for mac, helps you take screenshots of pages that are simply too big for your screen. It allows you to indicate the right dimensions you want and then shows you a preview of what it's going to look like. You can then save the image in the proper format depending on your preference. Use this simple tool to help you get the best screenshot of any webpage for whatever purpose.


Tracking your time is made much easier if you use Lumina. The program is a very handy tool created especially for Mac users. Lumina, formerly called iClockr, is a straightforward program that helps you keep track of all your projects and how much time you spend on them. It helps you organize and know just exactly how much time you've spent on a particular task. If in case you are busy and like keeping all your work organized or simply love being productive by dividing your time, then Lumina would be a very helpful program.