Got no plans of trading in your Macbook for a Kindle? Then you might want to get Tofu on your Mac to help you read your favorite e-books much easier. Tofu is a great application that helps you read a novel on your Mac as if you were reading an actual book.

Most people hate the thought of reading a book on the computer screen; this little application helps to solve this problem. It helps make reading long reports, e-books or other long written material online so much easier. Tofu compensates for the wide screen of a computer by arranging the text in columns. This makes it faster and easier to read. Hence, you often see this type of format used in newspapers or in books. Reading text this way allows less stress. Moreover, Tofu automatically adjusts the length of the text to fit your screen window. No more scrolling down or up which helps readers get easily lost in the jumble of words. By presenting this type of format, Tofu is successful in making computer text much easier to read.

The program is simple and easy to use. It also has a built in word finder so looking for a specific word is much easier. Simply type the word and the program will look for matches. Readers can also change the background color and adjust for the glare of the computer screen. Tofu is compatible with almost any common format so using specific formats is not a big problem.

Of course, the program is not perfect. A lack of notation tools as well as bookmarking options would have made it even better. It would help readers start off where they previously stopped reading.

The program is available for free download for Mac OS X  10.4 users. It was developed by software engineer, Amar Sagoo.

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