Tracking your time is made much easier if you use Lumina. The program is a very handy tool created especially for Mac users. Lumina, formerly called iClockr, is a straightforward program that helps you keep track of all your projects and how much time you spend on them.

It helps you organize and know just exactly how much time you’ve spent on a particular task. If in case you are busy and like keeping all your work organized or simply love being productive by dividing your time, then Lumina would be a very helpful program. Working on several projects can be tough especially when it comes to dividing your time. If you find yourself in this situation, then you will love the concept of using Lumina. This nifty program for Mac users is pretty simple. It can help you easily divide your workday and make sure that you devote enough time into every single project you have.

As long as you pre-program the tool to include your project in its alarm, then it will remind you that it’s time to work on a particular project.

There are several cool features that Lumina has to help you manage your time. For instance, it contains a stopwatch. Just click the project/task you want and then click start. This will then automatically begin tracking your time spent on a particular project. Another nice thing about this program is that it provides a virtual classification of tasks for any projects you might have. With this feature, you can also easily check who is working on what project. Remember, the program isn’t only suitable for tracking your own time, but for those working for you as well.┬áMoreover, the program can be used along with Invoice 3. All you have to do is drag and drop the “customer” from Invoice and into Lumina.

Like most softwares, you would need a Mac OSX 10.5 or higher to run this program.

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