Love reading comic books online? If you do, Jomic is a must have software on your Macbook. Jomic is capable of reading comic books that are stored in the CBZ, CBR and PDF file formats.

It turns your computer screen into an instant comic book, full of colorful imagery and of course, the important two page option. Reading comic books using your Macbook is made much easier and it doesn’t rob from the excitement and interest that you normally get when holding comic books in your hand. The nice thing with Jomic, especially with the latest versions is that it helps to improve image rendering. This allows for a more engaging and visual experience when it comes to enjoying your favorite comic books. As mentioned, it has a two page option where it will automatically adjust the size of the page to that of a regular two page comic book size. This makes for easier readability.¬†Moreover, the publishers have made sure that Jomic works great, to a point that they have built the program to include an error handling design.

Of course, the program is not without its cons. Most notably, there is a lack of zoom option as well as mouse navigation in the system. ¬†Although the interface is very functional, it does take some time to get used to. It’s not as speedy as we want it to be but nevertheless, works great when it comes to doing the job.

Jomics is a great program that can satisfy any comic lover’s interest in reading comics using his or her Macbook. It doesn’t mean that it won’t give you headaches every now and then but it is a good program that works well and it’s absolutely free.

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