Construct 2

Ever been playing a video game and thinking "I can do better?" Now you can let you imagine run wild with free software that allows you to make your own game. Construct 2 is ideal for those just getting into games designing or those who want to get their idea up and running quickly. It promises stability and reliability in its graphics, as you gradually build your skills.


Wormholes is an iOS game that will keep many brain-freak gamer hooked onto their iOS device for hours. What really appeals to many game fans about Wormholes is the uncanny resemble it shares with Valve's (maker of Half-Life and Half-Life 2) Portal. The game is said to be developed by a fan and has nothing to do with the original Valve Portal, but due to its very close resemblance to the Valve Portal PC and console version, Valve has directed the developer of Wormholes to offer the app for Free. The game has numerous 3D puzzles to be solved in the underground chambers. Your weapon for survival and mayhem is the A978 Wormhole GUN, that helps you to create wormholes within your environment and cross levels. What adds up to the entire gameplay is the need of logical use of cubes and buttons around the various parts of the levels that enable you to open doors and helping in bringing you to the finish point.

Scott’s Space Invaders – bringing back the classics

Scott's Space Invaders is a restoration of the extremely popular game everyone used to play down at the arcades, Space Invaders. The restored game contains all of the original features, in the aspect that the overall feel and look of the game remains original, however, improves in the user friendliness department, making the game less troublesome. Scott's Space Invaders is a sleek and dynamic design, paying the original game it's much deserved credence.

Coffee Break PacMan

Coffee Break PacMan is a small replica of the arcade game – PacMan. This small game application combines the simple design of the original game with everyday working convenience. This is the perfect little game for you to open up (like it’s name suggests) during your ‘coffee break’.