Ever been playing a video game and thinking “I can do better?”

Now you can let you imagination run wild with software that allows you to make your own games.

Construct 2 is ideal for those just getting into designing games or those who want to get their idea up and running quickly. It promises stability and reliability in its graphics, as you gradually build your skills.

The software offer a complete manual, numerous tutorials and a community where you can help and find some support. Be a regular in their forum and network.

Another great thing about Construct 2 is that you don’t have to publish through the makers, Scirra. Beware of similar free software where you can lose control of your ideas and copyright.

All in all I loved Construct 2’s retro feel with modern smoothness – it’s all about the characters, their world and situations you create, rather than being overwhelmed by the reality and technology.

With the free edition of Construct 2 you get sprites, sound effects and original music (with certain limitations on the number used) for you to add to your games and up to 100 events with a maximum of 4 layers on each layout. It might not seem like much but in essence it does allow the user to create simple games from start to finish just like this one, Space Blaster; all right on your computer without any programming knowledge necessary. Like the paid versions you get Box2D Physics Engine, Intuitive User Interface, you can upload it to browsers like Chrome or play offline. Another little extra I love is putting it on Facebook and going viral.

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